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  • We started our Light up Letters in 2019 as a side-line of our Christmas Decorating Service and it has evolved into a busy business of its own with 5-star ratings on Google Business.
  • We have all the characters and numbers handmade by ourselves which enables us to create new characters as required.
  • It is important to us to keep everything maintained and repair inevitable blemishes between events.
  • This is also a very complimentary service for our Magic Mirrors business please CLICK HERE to visit the website.


  • Light Up Letters are a cost-effective way to personalise your event or venue that provide photo opportunities to capture memories of your memorable day.
  • The quality of our light up letters and numbers is high because of how we care for and maintain them.
  • Constructed from 18mm MDF the characters are 4ft high by 2ft wide, painted white and use high specification low voltage warm white lights that are safe, reliable, long lasting, and low on energy consumption.


  • Weddings – the classic ‘LOVE’ Letters, ‘MR&MRS’ or simple initials are popular items.
  • PROMS and School Parties – classics such as ‘PROM24’ or ‘LEAVERS24’.
  • Christmas/New Year’s Parties – ‘XMAS’, ‘NYE’ and ‘2025’ etc…. are in high demand.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries – any combination of ages such as ‘18’, ‘21’, ‘30’, ‘40’, ‘50’ etc…
  • Corporate Events – put your company name or event in lights.


  • How big are the letters? – 4ft tall x 2ft wide.
  • Do you do any bigger/smaller characters? – not currently.
  • Do you have any other colours/styles? – No, currently we only concentrate on white characters.
  • What colour lights do you offer? – Only warm white as these are most popular.
  • Are your products PAT tested? – Yes, every 12 months.
  • Do the lights require power? – Yes, they need one single 13a power socket nearby.
  • Do your prices include delivery and collection? – Yes, our prices are all inclusive.


If you have any creative ideas where our light up letters and numbers can brighten up your day, we are here to help. From personal events, leaving parties and any corporate event let’s see what our light up products can offer you at a good cost.

For more info and to discuss what we can do for your event, please give us a call, or use the contact page below.

Mobile welding & metal Fabrication
Mobile welding & metal Fabrication
Mobile welding & metal Fabrication
Mobile welding & metal Fabrication
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